Overeenkomst Engels

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Op deze pagina treft u een Overeenkomst Engels. Dit betreft een Engelse overeenkomst voor bruikleen, een bruikleenovereenkomst. 

In een bruikleenovereenkomst worden afspraken gemaakt tussen de eigenaar en de persoon die de materialen in bruikleen krijgt. 

Voorbeeld Overeenkomst Engels

Overeenkomst Engels


The undersigned


1.       (lender name), residing at (address lender) to (home lender), hereinafter referred to as party A, 



2.       (name on loan holder), residing at (address on loan holder) to (home loan holder), hereinafter referred to as tenant, hereinafter referred to as party B,


 The parties agree as follows:


 Article 1

a) party A to party B the following available: ______ (description of the product on loan), for the period from ____ (period or an indefinite period until further denunciations of party A or party B).

b) for accepting either using the ____ made available by party A (description of the on loan product) is party B to sign this loan agreement required for approval.

c) party B declares the named ____ (description of the product on loan) in good condition (or further description State) to have taken delivery of.

d) ____ (description of the on loan product) remains at all times remain the property of party A.


Article 2

a) party B is mandatory as a good family man for the ______ (description of the on loan product) to ensure and maintain;

b) party B will the ______ (description of the product on loan) in accordance with the destination to use and carries on own account provide insurance against damage by fire and theft;

c) party B will the ______ (description of the product on loan) at the end of the loan agreement to party A return in good condition.

d) cost of maintaining during the loan agreement of the ______ (description of the on loan product) shall be borne by party b.


Article 3

a) The ______ (description of the on loan product) may only be used by party B in person and not by third parties without the consent of party A;

b) it is not allowed the party B ______ (description of the on loan product) to let in any form to any third party;

c) it is not allowed the party B ______ (description of the on loan product) to move outside of Netherlands.


Article 4

a) party B undertakes the ______ (description of the on loan product) after the expiry of the abdomen to return immediately to party A loan period;

b) When party B does not comply with Article 4, paragraph (a) forfeits party B a fine of € __,-for each day, that party B, after to be admonished by party A by registered letter, pay to Party A;

Article 5

a) party A reserves the right to change this loan agreement. Changes will be sent in writing to party B. These changes will apply as soon as both parties have signed for approval. Previous Loan agreements are broken;

b) will the scheme does not provide for situations where in good consultation between party A and party B are resolved.


Thus agreed and signed at _____ (place), DD. _____ (date)


Party A                                                                                                                              Party B

Name                                                                                                                 Name




Signature                                                                                                          Signature


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Download de Voorbeeld Overeenkomst Engels in Word. U kunt de overeenkomst downloaden en aanvullen met uw eigen gegevens. Zo geeft u een duidelijke omschrijving van hetgeen in bruikleen gegeven en de staat ervan. Zorg er altijd voor dat er over de staat van het materiaal geen discussie achteraf kan ontstaan door bijvoorbeeld foto's te maken, of te laten tekenen. 

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